Showmodal Shortcode


Product Description

This plugin will add a WordPress shortcode to display your content in a modal popup window with the ability to print.

It accepts two parameters:

btntext – the text that will display on the button

mtitle – the title (heading) of the modal window

print – hides the print button if set to ‘no’


The usage is as follows:

[SHOWMODAL btntext=’Button Text’ mtitle=’This is the title’ print=’no’]

….. here comes the content that you want to show in the modal window, which can be text, HTML and even other WordPress shortcodes



Multiple modal windows with different content can be placed on the same page. Compatible with the latest version of Bootstrap.

Very useful for placing in the Search Results Layout and Single Listing Layout section of PremiumPress Responsive Themes.

The content of the modal window can now be printed! Great for  printing coupons, maps, images etc.






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