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Having used some of the other web directory scripts on offer, we have found that the WordPress theme for creating web directories lack this specific function.

Using DirectoryPress to create a web directory it becomes complicated if you have to follow a longer and more tedious approach in the process of adding a new link to your directory.

Grabbing the plugin the process of adding links will be a lot quicker, and easier. It also allows users which is submitting their own listings to add the SEO tags within the listing submission page.

The fetch meta tags plugin we have created is integrated into your submission form and this is what you can do with it:

  • Copy and Paste URL of the site you want listed.
  • FETCH META grabs the meta tags from the site you are listing.
  • It adds it to three fields within your submission form.
  • These fields are the database fields for ALL IN ONE SEO plugin.
  • Submit all other data.
  • Sign in to ADMIN to approve.
  • Publish.

This plugin is provided by Web Directory Service.


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