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Product Description

This WordPress plugin attaches image to post from custom field ‘image’ and set it as featured.

The plugin will automatically attach the image and make it featured when you import your posts via csv using the “image” field name for your images. Do not forget that you still have to copy the image files via FTP or Media Manager.

Bulk attach your post images from customfield “image” to all existing posts that do not have image attached.

In PremiumPress v7 themes, automatically attach image and make it featured after customer submission using the submit form.

This plugin is compatible with most WordPress themes and has been tested and works both with PremiumPress v7 themes and PremiumPress Responsive Framework themes.

In PremiumPress v7 themes the plugin attaches images to listings, products, coupons etc. and in the PremiumPress Responsive themes it attaches images to the standard posts that serve as the ‘Blog’ articles.

In any other WordPress themes, the plugin works with standard ‘Post’ type.

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