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Convert your old article images to the latest format used from v7.1.2 of PremiumPress themes.

The plugin converts article images for articles created prior to v7.1.2 to the format used in the latest version.

If you were using a lot of articles with images in PremiumPress themes before the v7.1.2 update, you might have wandered why did all the article images stopped showing after the update. The article image management has been modified to provide better control and management, but is no longer compatible with the old way images were shown. This may not be an issue if you just have a couple of articles to change, but if you have many articles, it might be difficult to edit each one just to change the image.

The Convert Article Images for PremiumPress plugin takes care of the laborious task of manually converting all the article images and does the job automatically with just a simple click of a button.


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