Responsive Directory Theme

Websites using the Responsive Directory Theme framework from PremiumPress.

Attorney At Law Directory
Creation of custom child theme with many additional and custom functions. Completely reworked home page layout with search and carousel. Improved layout on single listing pages with responsive video player and popup contact and claim listing forms.


Websites using DirectoryPress framework from PremiumPress.

Harrogate - Your Complete Guide
Beautifully customized child theme for DirectoryPress, with many added features not just on the front end, but also in the admin.
Pickled Wig
Greatly styled and redesigned website based on DirectoryPress framework. Many new features added, including proximity search, events management and much more.
Super Yachts Directory
Very well customised and styled website. Using DirectoryPress framework. Included additional features like directory index page, redesigned single listing page and category listing page. Modified search.
Win Spot
Custom child theme for DirectoryPress framework. Clean professional look.
Moslim Bruiloft
Premium design. Website using DirectoryPress framework.
Golf Info SA
Custom styled website based on DirectoryPress framework. Main feature includes large custom slider in the header.
LA Activities
Custom made child theme for DirectoryPress. Main features include modified layout through out the site, customized slider on the home page, custom templates for All Activities and Articles pages and major modifications to the single listing pages.


Websites using ShopperPress framework from PremiumPress

Business Grey
Premium child theme for ShopperPress framework from PremiumPress. Featuring fully widgetised home page with multifunctional widget areas that can hold sliders, banners, widgets and homepage objects.
Real Men Smell Good
Website based on ShopperPress v7 framework using Business Grey child theme. It has a neat clean look with many options for home page layout.
Ying Yang
Premium child theme for ShopperPress framework

WordPress Sites

Websites using WordPress as CMS (Content Management System) with custom build themes.

Experience Works
Job board website based on JobRoller framework using WordPress as CMS.
Squirrel Medical Shop
E-commerce website using WordPress as CMS.