What people think of PremiumWebServices

I love Shopperpress but I hate that it has “articles” and does not have a “blog”. I found Article Template via the PP community forums (through Richard’s replies). This is simply wonderful! It gave my site a blog which actually looks like a blog. Plus the customer service is just GREAT!! I needed to tweak something and they actually sent me updated files, twice!! Now, that’s really good customer support!

This program has everything you need to get listed with Google Merchant Center. You install the plugin then tell Google where to get the feed. I had an issue, I forgot to set the tax rate in Google Merchant Center but support got back with me in less than an hour telling me how to set it from my site, Through Shopperpress, General Settings, or to do it where you set your shipping cost on Google. For every cart I install I will purchase this. Great program, thanks again for the support.

I love this plugin. I tried different export options in wordpress, but none worked as I wanted. After lots of thinking I decided to buy this plugin and it was the best spent £10 in my life. Well worth the money.
Would recommend anyone.